Sarah-Jane & Andrew’s Wedding // Warbrook House // Eversley

2017 , April 15, 2017

On a beautiful spring morning with the sun shining we met Sarah-Jane & Andrew on their wedding day at the wonderful Warbrook House in Eversley.

They both got ready at Warbrook House, just in separate rooms!

Sarah-Jane was with her bridesmaids, Shani, Anne, Karly & Vicki and they all got ready in the beautiful Morning Room with makeup by the superb Lisa Burns Make Up Artist and hair by the super Sarah-Louise of Hair By Sarah Ltd.

Sarah-Jane & Andrew had a beautiful orange theme with their bridesmaids wearing complimentary green dresses, and they looked gorgeous. Sarah-Jane wore a stunning gown from Tilly Mint in Fleet.

Andrew went against tradition for his best man, or rather his best woman! Andrew chose his cousin Tara, who is also his best friend, to be right next to him on his special day. Tara wore a matching dress to the bridesmaids, and she looked stunning! Well done for being original Sarah-Jane & Andrew.

They were married in the James Suite at 2pm surrounded by their family & friends. It was lovely to meet Andrew’s parents, his Mum Lynne and step dad Malcolm, and his father, Phil. 

The day was excellently managed by the amazing Toastmaster, Alan Marshall of Alan Marshall Celebrations. Alan is always so lovely to work with & is super helpful. Cheers Alan! 

Alan Marshall was also the DJ for the evening’s entertainment and kept the dance floor rocking throughout the evening. But before the first dance, Alan called Sarah-Jane & Andrew up to the dance floor for a game of ‘Mr & Mrs’!! The newly weds had to use their own shoes to answer Alan’s questions, it was great fun! 

After such a fantastic day with Sarah-Jane & Andrew, their gorgeous boys, their family, and friends, we can only congratulate you both on such a wonderful day, thank you for letting Arron & I be part of it!

I asked the newly weds a few questions about their day…

How did you meet? How did it all begin?:

“I met Andy oooo many many moons ago, when he was supposed to be at his mums wedding, & decided to go meet his work mates for a drink (round 2 of drunk-ness for Andy, as Tara had already bathed & sobered him up once that day!).  I was in the Red Lion pub in Bracknell for a birthday drinks of a friend & saw Andy all suited and booted outside and though …. hummm not bad.  Danced all night and chatted & well 16 years later here we are! we clicked and never parted”


Tell me a little about your engagement story?: 

“Our first holiday to Egypt, i’ll never forget this! Our first full day (tuesday) and we took a lovely stroll downtime beach with our boys.  Andy had written in the sand & just about got the words..will you marry me out before crying! WOW he’s so emotional! I was so so stunned – turned out that everyone knew he was going to do this!

He almost had a slight spoiler alert when he was picked out at the airport to have his bag searched .. lucky for him I had to the boys, Oakley was tiny & still in a buggy, so he asked me to take the kids to the seating area so they could play with their toys…smooth move, while he explained to the lady what was in his bag haha !”


Which wedding gown did you choose? And where did you get it?:

“Madaline Gardner New York! (MGNY) Shani (on of my besties) tagged me in a post on Facebook for a flash sale from Tilly Mint in Fleet.  I hadn’t even looked at dresses…so we went & the girls in the shop also told me a few tips…the first dress I put on I fell in love with &  never looked at another dress!”


What jewellery, shoes and other bits did you wear? And from where?:

“My shoes – well I had hand painted orange shoes from Rainbow Club, I like to be different!  I asked all the girls to go for bright orange shoes – although their faces dropped when I said green dresses haha – they must of thought I was bonkers!

I found some beautiful shoe clips vintage stye so i could wear my shoes over and over and dress them up if i wanted to.

My jewellery was the first set andy bought me for my 25th & I loved it. It’s so beautiful & sparkly, it suited my dress perfectly, and also gave me something old and something new!

My sister gave me a sixpence for my shoe & the something blue was my garter from Shani.  Such wonderful girls I have! Truly blessed!”


What did your partner wear? And from where?: 

“Andy well…princess in the making as Tara explained! Expensive bespoke suit from Room Ten in Farnham who where amazing too! They kindly made both my boys a matching waistcoat in the most fabulous tweed, green with the wonderful bright orange running through. It just couldn’t of been more perfect if we tried and Andrew’s face, I could see he felt the same way as I did for my dress & he even said he couldn’t wait to wear it!”


Who did your hair & make up?:

“The dream team!! Sarah – Hair by Sarah Ltd and Lisa Burns… perfect pair -they made everyone look stunning & felt so comfortable (even though I felt funny at first as I had never worn makeup like that before! Thanks to you (Alison) as well as you made me feel so comfortable I forgot all about it!”


Who did your flowers & cake? And who styled your venue?:

“My beautiful bouquet was made by a friend Vanessa of Ella-Quinn,  along with the girls wrist Corsage.  I told her the colours & forced a large vintage broach bundle and hey presto, she made magical beautiful things from it! I highly recommend her, she’s makes so many fantastic things!

Our cake was a Gift from Jeff and Shani – they are close family & neighbours. Shani being my best friend & Jeff is super amazing to. Shani & I saw her family member who is an amazing cake maker & gave her some ideas…So I didn’t see my cake until the day,  I was gob-smaked!”


How many guests attended your day/and evening?:

“About 50 during day, I have no idea how many ended up coming of the evening haha”


What was your wedding song/playlist?:

“Earned it.. by the weekend – we love the words! It was us once”


Your honeymoon destination?:

“Maldives! God I wish I was back there! 30 everyday! clear water .. fish! sharks.. spa.. oh it was a dream! and I was utterly spoilt! I did pinch myself just to check it was real!”


Your most memorable moment from your wedding day?:

“Andy’s face when we were saying our vows & promise..trying to hold back the tears & he was whispering your beautiful & amazing!  We both had sweaty, sticky hands we were both nervous haha”


Do you have a ‘top tip’ for other couples?:

“take it slow! The day evaporates at such speed, I want to do it all again ~ I loved every min!”


Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding Sarah-Jane & Andrew's Wedding

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Ann Brooke
19:41 May 6, 2017

Absolutely stunning photographs. A fabulous day. Lovely to meet all the stunning girls in green.


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