Louise & Steve’s Engagement // Farnham House Hotel // Farnham

2017 , January 8, 2017

We (Arron & I) met with Louise, Steve & the gorgeous Daisy on a Saturday afternoon at their wedding venue, Farnham House Hotel.

The venue is stunning, even on a damp January day, we were able to have fun whilst exploring the grounds & making plans for their wedding day. The interior is beautiful, from sweeping staircases to suits of armour & large open fireplaces. Wonderful.

The gardens & surrounding areas are equally as breathtaking, set in the middle of rolling hills, but only one mile from the centre of Farnham. They have a pond, tennis court & wedding pavilion.

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely Sarah from The Pottery Gift House in Frimley, who will be dressing the venue for the big day, and has some exciting ideas for Louise & Steve!

Louise & Gilden were friends for many, many years before they became a couple. They have lots of mutual friends so were always meeting at different parties and outings. In March 2012 they went away to Brighton which is their favourite place in the UK. They had a wonderful time & came back as an official couple much to the joy of all their friends.

In 2013 they discovered to their absolute joy that they were expecting a baby. In June 2014 Gilden took Louise away for a final weekend away just the two of them. They stayed at the beautiful Oakley Court in Windsor. During a walk around the grounds (in Louise’s case a waddle) Gilden surprised Louise by getting down on one knee & proposing! He produced a beautiful sapphire & diamond ring which fitted perfectly. Their beautiful daughter, Daisy, was born in July 2014.

In 2016 they started to look for the perfect wedding venue & Farnham House Hotel caught their eye. They decided to book their wedding for 4th March 2017 as that is their five year anniversary.

Arron & I can honestly say how wonderful Daisy is, she was super friendly & was happy to give cuddles throughout the time we spent together. We are truly looking forward to spending their wedding day with them all. ❤️

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