Charlotte & Nathan’s Pre Wedding Shoot // Frensham Pond Hotel // Frensham

2017 , April 23, 2017

I met with the lovely Charlotte & Nathan at the beautiful Frensham Pond Hotel, the venue of their upcoming wedding on Sunday 9th July 2017.

I love this place & often visit for a coffee after a walk around the lake. What’s not to love! I even went to Frensham on my birthday, for my birthday walk. Yes, I am that old that I like to celebrate with a walk on my birthday!

I met Nathan some years ago, his Mum & Dad, the super lovely Karen & Steve, lived in the same street, and they had dogs. So clearly we were going to meet & be friends! Such a lovely family.

A couple of years ago, after they had deserted the road (😉) for the much lovelier Farnham, Steve got in touch because his son Nathan had proposed to the gorgeous Charlotte! Thank you, Steve, for remembering our chats over the dogs.

I met with Charlotte & Nathan again to talk about their wedding, and to see if we would ‘fit’ for their wedding day…and oh yeah we do!! Such a lovely couple. I simply cannot wait to spend their special day celebrating with them.

Congrats guys….not long now ❤️


This is Charlotte & Nathan’s story…

“Well I lived next door to Nathan’s cousin Tara and I was always over her house.    Nathan and his family used to visit my best Friend Tara and that’s how I knew Nathan & I thought he was pretty good looking but I was too shy to talk to him (he didn’t know I even existed lol)

Then I moved away to Swindon with my family. Tara asked if wanted to come stay the week of her Birthday, which I did.

While I was there, there was a family party for Nathan/Taras great Uncle Michaels retirement. As I was staying at hers I went to the party! Then Nathan came walking through the door and I was highly embarrassed as I knew Tara had told Nathan that I thought he was carved by angels lol!!! Long story short we got chatting that night and clicked straight away & the very next day he asked me to be his girlfriend!!! after we were texting all night long! And we have loved each other since 🙂 xx”

We then text each other all night long! And we have loved each other since 🙂 xx”

Such a beautiful love story, I cannot wait for your special wedding day ❤️ ❤️

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